Saturday, January 10, 2009

NAMSS Educational Display

The NAMSS display table as photographed at the recent
Michigan Sheep Breeders Assoc. ~ Shepherds Weekend
I finally have a good picture of our North American Mule Sheep Society display table after all these years!
Many thanks to Bill Duffield of 'Codan Suffolks', ONT, Canada for the photo.

The table was located just outside the lecture room doors so everyone attending the MSBA event stopped by to look it over and picked up items for further reading, as evidenced by the fact that the materials had to be replenished several times.
One of the lectures given by Dr. Thomas talked about utilzing a 3-way cross (aka ~ 3-Tier breeding system) for commercial sheep production. So having the NAMSS Mule Sheep display right outside in the hallway helped get the message across about utilizing the 3-Tier Breeding System for grass fed lamb production.

The display contains issues of the 'Mule Sheep News' (present & past), the 3-Tier informative trifold, copies of our 'members list', as well as a NAMSS membership application form.
There were also several display folders:
~ One that covered the Eblex system for selecting breeding stock and grading carcasses for optimum returns.
~ Another one was Mark Lelli's presentation talk on the 3-Tier system and how to utilize the Bluefaced Leicester.
~ The third one contains copies of some of the recent articles and publications from national and international newsletters and magazines about the NAMSS and Mule Sheep.

For more in-depth information about the 3-Tier System you can visit the NAMSS website at:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Judging Mules in America

David Cruikshank's USA Mule Sheep Judging Experience

In the Autumn 2008 issue of the UK - BFLSBA newsletter there is an article by David Cruikshank on his experience of judging our 1st NAMSS - Mule Sheep & Bluefaced Leicester Progeny Show.

I have posted a copy of the article in the files section on our Yahoo MuleSheep chat group in the folder titled 'NAMSS Mule Sheep Show', David's USA Judging Trip.

Monday, January 5, 2009

OPP Society Newsletter

The OPP Concerned Sheep Breeders Society has posted its most recent OPP newsletter online and it can be found by clicking on the following link.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Winter 2008 ~ Mule Sheep News

The Winter 2008 issue of the 'Mule Sheep News' is now available in pdf format to our MuleSheep group members.
NAMSS Three- Tier Sheep Breed Displays
Photo: (L to R) Jane Cruikshank, Graham Phillipson, David Cruikshank, Mark Lelli
Included in the Winter issue is a report and color photos from our
1st NAMSS Mule Sheep & Bluefaced Leicester Progeny Show,
held in conjunction with the 2008 WSWF.
This issue can be found in the files section in our Yahoo group, in the folder titled
'Mule Sheep News'.
If you are not a current member of the MuleSheep chat group you can join our group by clicking on the link below and then creating an account.