Friday, May 22, 2009

The UK Mule

The UK - Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders' Association has been working on a project for about the last year that pertains to the Mule ewe. With the increased use of the Bluefaced Leicester as a crossing sire on a wide variety of breeds, it has become necessary to encompass the mules under one broad title, thus the formation of the educational & promotional group: The UK Mule.

The UK Mule website is already up and running and can be accessed at:

The "UK Mules" will have its' "coming out" debut with their new stand and promotional information on June 3rd at the UK's NSA ~ North Sheep '09' event that will be held at the host 'LAUND FARM'.

You might recognize the Laund Farm and the name John Stott, who will be our guest judge for the 2009 NAMSS Mule Sheep & Bluefaced Leicester Progeny Show, as well as the Great Lakes ~ Bluefaced Leicester Show, John is also the incoming president of the UK- BFLSBA.

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